Toilet Repair & Replacement

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Toilet Repair

Whether it’s a simple fix or a more complicated one, our plumbers can quickly identify what is wrong with your toilet and recommend the necessary repairs. Toilets are very durable but won’t last forever, and some parts tend to wear out faster than others. Below are some of the most common problems we come across.

Toilet Running

It’s prevalent for a toilet to have worn out parts at some point which causes the toilet to run. When someone says a toilet is running, what they mean is the toilet won’t stop running. This is usually due to worn out flapper valve, but a few other common problems are the fill valve and the overflow tube.

Most of the time, a professional plumber can come out and find the problem and make the repairs. In some instances, the toilet may be too old, and replacement parts are not available, so a replacement toilet is needed.

Leaky Toilet

When a toilet starts to leak, you need to address the issue right away. Water damage can cause expensive repairs if it’s not fixed in time. A few of the most common reasons why toilets leak is:

-Stuck Flapper
-Faulty Fill Valve
-Worn Out Flapper
-Supply Line Leak
-Faulty Float

Broken or Cracked Tank

If you are experiencing one of these issues call us and one of our plumbers can provide you with your available options.

Clogged Toilet

Is there anything worse than a toilet clog? Someone might have flushed something they shouldn’t have down the toilet or your pipes have built-up residue and need cleaning. If your plunger cannot handle the problem, then you may need a professional plumber to fix the clog for you.

Toilet Replacement

Whether you bought a new toilet at the home improvement store or you want us to supply one for you, we can do that. One of the leading plumbing calls we get is to replace existing toilets with new ones. Depending on how easy it is to access the area typically our plumbers can replace your toilet in about an hour.


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The price to fix a toilet will depend on what is precisely wrong with the toilet and whether or not we have easy access to work on the toilet. If you are looking for a specific price quote, we offer free plumbing quotes, and one of our plumbers will come to your house and be able to provide an accurate quote.
Usually, when this happens, there is a problem with the float on your toilet. If your float level is set incorrectly or the float is broken, this will cause your bathroom to run continuously.
There could be several reasons why you leak at the base of your toilet. You will want to check to ensure there isn’t any cracking or any significant parts of the toilet that is broken. Often you may only need the bolts tightened and the seal around the base to be fixed.
If your toilet is overflowing, then you have a clog in the drain line somewhere. The first step would be to clear the clog which you may need a professional plumber for.
Often, a toilet can sometimes unclog itself depending on the debris that is causing the blockage. If there is a big wade of toilet paper is stuck in the sewer line, there is a chance that over time, the paper can break up and allow the wastewater to flow again. This doesn’t always happen, and you could have something else in the line that is causing the clog. It’s usually best to have a professional plumber come out and clear the lines.