Leak Detection
Leak Detection Services

Do you suspect you have a slab leak somewhere in your house or under it?

Our leak detection service will pinpoint the leak, and our professionally trained plumbers will quickly fix the problem.

We have severed the Inland Empire area for more than 36-years and are family-owned and operated.

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Water Leaks Cause Expense Damage

Water leaks can cause both property damage as well as a financial burden. Sometimes you can hear water running when you know it shouldn’t be. In this case, it could be very likely that you are experiencing a water leak somewhere throughout the line. Although you may be able to hear the water, it is not as easy to detect where the exact location of the leak is.

We offer slab leak detection through sound/pressure technology that can narrow down the location of the leak. This helps drastically with repair and leads our technicians into non-invasive and cost-effective solutions that couldn’t be done otherwise.

We want to see our customers satisfied and assured that their problem is fully taken care of. We also love providing our customers with knowledge themselves so that they are in full understanding as to where the problem lies and the best way to repair or fix it.

Signs You Might Have a Leak

•    You Hear Running Water (when nothing is on)
•    Visible Water Spots Surfacing
•    Warm Spots Throughout the Floor
•    Water Bill is Abnormally High
•    Damp Carpet
•    Warped Hardwood Flooring

Slab Leak Detection Service

A slab leak is a serious issue that you will want to be addressed right away. Slab leaks happen below the foundation of your home. The hardest part is detecting the exact location where the leak is occurring.  This is where our slab leak detection service comes in.  We use a combination of electronic pipeline locators, electronic amplification equipment, and video pipe inspection to help determine the culprit.

Leak Repair Services

Once the location of the leak is located, our plumbers can get to work and fix the problem.  It is critical that the necessary repairs be made as soon as possible.  Leaky pipes, whether they are a slab leak or in another location, can cause severe damage in the flooring and walls, and cause mildew. Our professional plumbers will fix the problem and have your household back to normal in no time at all.


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Our leak detection services start at $325 for two hours. In almost all cases, we can find the leak within two hours; however, if it takes longer to detect due to the complexity of the situation, additional costs may apply.
Yes, slab leak detection is a very extensive process that requires us to use multiple types of equipment to locate the source of the leak. If our plumbers are call out due to a sink leaking that is much easier to identify the cause and fix the problem.
Once all the water is turned off in your house, we use electronic equipment that amplifies the sound of the leak. You may see our leak detection specialist wearing headphones when they are pinpointing the source of the leak.
In many cases, homeowners insurance may pay for the repairs to the structure of the house but often not the plumbing problems. It is always best to consult your insurance policy and see what is explicitly covered and what isn’t covered.
Yes, our plumbers are specially trained and have the latest equipment to perform a slab leak detection. The process usually involves two plumbers to work together as they find the source of the problem.
In many cases, homeowners insurance will not cover the actual plumbing repair costs. However, if there is damage to your home, they may cover those costs. In this situation, the best thing you can do is to contact your homeowner’s insurance company and ask them.
How fast we can repair your slab leak will depend on where the leak is located. Once the leak is found, it can take one to two days to make the plumbing repairs. There may be additional time to repair the foundation, flooring, and finish patching the areas that needed to be breached.