Video Camera Inspection
Plumbing Camera Inspection

Want to pinpoint your plumbing problem with a video camera plumbing inspection?

We can come out and perform a detailed camera inspection to give you peace of mind.

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What is a Plumbing Camera Inspection?

When your home or business has a problem with a sewer line or drains back-up, it is essential to get to the root of the problem. Any plumber can come in and snake the line in hopes of clearing the debris.  However, without a proper sewer camera inspection, you will never know the exact cause of the plumbing problem.  Without an appropriate fix of the problem, the issue will quickly come back.

When we perform a video camera inspection, we bring out our 150-foot inspection camera.  Our camera allows us to move through your sewer line and view the entire route as we make our way to the main city line.  Along the way, our camera can detect roots, broken pipes, and debris that is causing the sewer line to back up. We will record what we find and show the homeowner the specific issues.  This provides our customers with the clarity that they prefer and assurance that the repair is done correctly.

Another benefit to using a camera is the ability to see the before and after. This provides the customer with images of what their problem was before and after BHI performs the work and clears the problem.

Reasons to Request a Camera Inspection

As the homeowner, if you have a plumbing problem, you want it fixed properly. When it comes to your sewer line, backups can be frustrating, disgusting, and costly if not fixed correctly.  Below are the reasons to request a camera inspection.

Take the Guess Work Out – Why would you want a plumber to guess at the problem when they can run a proper camera inspection and provide the exact problem you are having.

Video and Depth – Having a camera inspection can pinpoint the issue you are having. If there is a broken pipe 40-feet from the house and 7-feet down the equipment will know by using the distance tracker. This saves the homeowner from having to replace more than what is needed in most cases.

Purchasing A New Home – When you get a home inspection as part of purchasing a new house, the inspector does not camera the sewer lines.  This can be a costly mistake that could end up costing you thousands of extra dollars to repair.

Peace of Mind – When you get a video plumbing inspection you know what the issue that is causing the problem is.  There is no guesswork and you can video the video yourself.

What to Expect?

Our plumbers will show up with the inspection equipment.  The equipment itself is lightweight and generally doesn’t need to go inside your home.  The plumbers will usually access the sewer line from the clean-out section of the pipe.  This is generally located on the outside of your home near the base of your foundation.  The clean-out pipe is usually four inches and ties into the main sewer line.

Most homes have clean-outs, but not all do.  If your home doesn’t have a clean out, there may be additional costs associated with gaining access to the sewer line.  In most cases, we can add a clean-out for easier access if a future issue arises.

Our plumbers will then feed the camera through the clean-out and into the sewer line for inspection. One of the plumbers will reset the distance so when we find a problem we know exactly how many feet into the line the issue is.  During this process, a video of your sewer line is recorded, and a plumber watches a small monitor determine what and where the issue is.

When we find a problem, we will then pinpoint the location using a homing beacon that is attached to the head of the camera.  This will give us an exact area of where the problem exists in the case we need to replace a broken pipe.


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If there is a clean-out, and it is easily accessible, then the plumbing camera inspection costs are reasonable. However, if there is no clean-out, it complicates the procedure and will add to the cost of the inspection. To get a better idea of the cost, please give us a call and tell us about the specifics of your property.
If you have a backup of your sewer line or your drain lines, it is a good idea to get to the bottom of the issue. Nothing is nothing worse than having to pay for a plumber to keep coming out to clear the lines and not make a permanent repair.
Homeowners are responsible for all lines up until they reach the main city sewer line. In many cases the main city sewer line is located under the street you live on.
Depending on if there is a clean-out line and where it’s located a video camera inspection can take anywhere from 30-minutes to 60-minutes on average. More complicated inspections can take three to four times as long.
A sewer clean-out is a pipe that sticks out of the ground that provides convenient access to your sewer line. The pipe itself has a cap on it that can be easily removed and provides easy access to unclog a blockage.
In the long run, a camera inspection can save you money by identifying the source of the problem so our plumbers can fix it correctly the first time. A plumber can clear the lines; however, if there is something more serious, like a broken pipe or root damage, you will experience the problem again.
For most homeowners getting your sewer line cleaned out on an as-needed basis will work. However, if you want to ensure your sewer lines stay clean and keep things flowing, it would be essential to add regular maintenance of the sewer lines to your homeowner’s list. Most plumbers recommend that the sewer lines be cleaned once every two years.
Sure, but the equipment we use is professional grade and go up to 150-feet. To purchase the equipment yourself you are looking at thousands of dollars, and then you will need to experience on what to look for and how to fix the problem.