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Gas Line Repair & Installation

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Call (909) 883-8827 and we can dispatch one of our technicians to your location. We work with both residential and commercial properties to fix any leaks or perform and installation.

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Gas Supply Line

Whether you have a leak in your gas line or would like to have a new appliance hooked up, we can quickly do that for you. We are often called out to residential homes to run a new gas line for a barbeque grill, or someone wants to switch an appliance from electric to gas. We also work with contractors that are remodeling homes and need gas lines moved either for kitchen remodels or to move a gas water heater.

Gas Leaks & Repairs

If you are experiencing a gas leak or can smell gas, leave your home immediately and call your gas utility provider right away. If you can safely turn off the main gas supply line to your house, do it. If you do suspect you have a gas leak do not turn on anything that uses electricity. Under no circumstances should you strike or light a match. Your best bet is to leave the house, move yourself a safe distance away from the home, and call your utility provider.

Gas line repairs should never be done by someone that is not a professional. This isn’t the type of fix that falls under a DIY project. Give us a call, and we can send out one of our technicians to determine what is need to repair.


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Gas has a distinctive odor that is similar to rotten eggs. If you suspect you may have a gas leak, please leave your home and contact your gas utility provider ASAP.
You can try to contact your gas utility provider to see if they offer a service for what you need although most plumbing companies can handle repairs and installations for gas lines.
In nearly all cases, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for the costs of repairs to the houses gas line. Ultimately if you are not sure you could contact the gas utility provider or your homeowner’s insurance provider.
Gas leaks inside your home can be caused by numerous factors including, remodeling, faulty appliances, leaky pipe fittings, and cracked or corroded.