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Pipe problems? You don’t have to dig up your floors or concrete to replace a pipe. In many cases, we can repair your sewer or drain lines with a CIPP pipelining.

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Trenchless Pip Lining

People may be unaware of how intrusive and destructive things such as grease, roots, and rust can be on their plumbing lines. Pipe relining is minimally invasive and allows the existing pipe to remain instead of tearing it out and doing a full replacement. This method may seem foreign but has been used on more extensive city sewer lines for over 40 years with great success.

The process is done by inserting a felt tube that is saturated in resin into the existing pipe then inflating it and letting it harden in place. The result yields a brand new pipe within the already existing pipe and is said to have a life expectancy of 50 years, and we offer a 10-year warranty.

The process of lining a pipe begins by cleaning out the existing line. This is done by hydro jetting or pipe descaling depending on the condition. After the line is clean, a camera is sent into the line to verify that the pipe is a candidate for the pipe relining. Following, a small hole (4 feet x 3 feet) is dug to expose the existing pipe. The liner is then treated with the resin and inserted into the old pipe.

Once inserted, a tube is inflated, which then expands the lining. After the lining has been expanded, the lining is cured and begins to harden. The tube is then deflated and removed, and a camera is inserted again to inspect the results.

Benefits of CIPP Pipe Lining

There are a lot of positive benefits for using a CIPP pipe lining.  The most significant benefit is the repair trenchless, and we don’t have to dig up your lawns, driveway, or floors. Pipe lining can work on almost any type of pipe if the conditions allow including cast-iron, clay, Orangeburg, concert, and PVC pipes. Relining pipes can be fast and more affordable, depending on your situation.



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Pipe lining is the process of fixing the existing pipe by adding a durable coat to the inside walls of the existing pipe. Pipe lining requires minimal digging to repair the pipes.
CIPP or CIPP Pipe stands for Cured-In-Place Pipe. This is the process of fixing broken pipes by inserting a lining into the existing pipe. The CIPP hardens after install and can last for up to 50 years.
Yes, sewer pipe lining works by fixing cracks in the sewer pipe without having to dig up and replace the pipes. This is an alternative method to having to dig up and replace the existing sewer lines.
When a plumber needs to replace a plumbing line, they usually have to dig a trench to expose the existing line and pull it up. With trenchless, no line has to be dug to either fix or repair your existing plumbing problems. This can save money when the main water line or sewer line goes under a concrete driveway.
You will find the cost of pipe lining is affordable compared to some solutions. For us to give you an accurate price for your job, we would need to come out to measure and inspect the lines that need it. Please give us a call at (909) 883-8827 to set up an appointment.
A lining will go on the inside of your pipes to repair cracks and damage your pipes have received over the years. While the coating is applied to the outside of the pipes to protect the outer surface.