HVAC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance

Prevent major problems with our AC maintenance service!

Keep your air conditioning system well maintained for optimal performance. Our HVAC technicians will come out and perform annual maintenance to ensure your system is ready for the hot Inland Empire summers.

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Benefits of AC Maintenance

•         Lower Utility Bills
•         Prevent Costly Repairs
•         Maintain Warranties
•         Extend Lifespan of HVAC System
•         Increased Efficiency
•         Ensure Safety of Home & Family

Why Get Regular Maintenance?

Keeping a well-maintained air conditioning system is a lot like maintaining your car. Cars require oil changes, tire rotations, washes, and other tune-ups to keep the car running in its best condition. Any of these tune-ups might seem unnecessary at times, as do A/C tune-ups, but regular maintenance is much less expensive than replacing the entire car. This is much like maintaining your air conditioning system. With regular tune-ups and maintenance checks, you will extend the life of the equipment as well as avoiding high replacement and repair costs. Maintaining your A/C system will also help with efficiency. A system that is running more efficiently will use less power and cost you less each month on your electric bill. Cleaning and maintaining your system will also help with air quality. Poor air quality can cause allergies, asthma, as well as other health problems if not treated properly.

Making sure that your unit is regularly cleaned and maintained will ensure that your air quality is at its best year round. We recommend a minimum of two maintenance services per year, and each service includes:

•    Test A/C System Operations
•    Check Voltage/amperage
•    Clean blower assembly
•    Lubricate Components as required
•    Wash/Replace Filters as Required
•    Inspect ductwork and check air flow
•    Check thermostat operation/program
•    Clear Condensate Line
•    Test all wiring and connections
•    Check temperature splits
•    Check for signs of leaks
•    Clean condenser coils
•    Check refrigerant operating pressure
•    Test compressor Contactor
•    Test Capacitor
•    Confirm proper return air
•    Inspect service valves
•    Inspect suction line for correct fittings


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There are some basic things you can do, including keeping plants cut back away from the unit, wash debris off the condenser, change the filters regularly, and schedule regular maintenance.
Yes, if you want your AC to run efficiently, you need to ensure the system gets checked out by a professional. Having prevented maintenance can save you money from your electricity costs and avoid costly breakages down the road.
If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced in a while, it is essential you have someone perform annual maintenance. At the very least you will want to ensure your air conditioning filters are replaced.
To get yard debris like grass, leaves, and dirt, you can use your hose and spray the outside of the unit to rinse these things away. If the problem is more serious, you can use a coil cleaner on the outside of the unit or call a professional HVAC technician.
When you AC is set to “AUTO,” the fan and AC will only turn on when it is needed to cool your home to the temperature that is set. When the fan is set to “ON,” it will run continuously throughout the day. When your fan is set to “ON,” your AC unit will use more electricity.