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Are you experiencing a backup in your pipes?

Our hydro jetting service provides a powerful way to get your pipes cleared and cleaned. We have been continuously voted us the “Favorite Plumbing Company” from the readers of the San Bernardino Sun and Redlands Daily Facts. With more than 36-years in business and family-owned and operated, you will see what sets us apart from the other plumbing companies. 

Why Hydro Jetting?

When you have a sever sewer backup, you need professional equipment to handle the problem. Sometimes drains are backed up worse than others. Hydro jetting or water jetting is a process that can clear out debris in your lines such as roots, rocks, mineral buildup, and even grease. Hydro jetting uses high pressured water to clean the insides of the drain pipes. Hydro jetting is access through a clean-out with a high-pressure hose. The water pressure can reach up to 4,000 PSI, which is how it can clean off stubborn debris such as tree roots, dirt, and grease.

Sewer & Drain Hydro Jetting

We offer a professional hydro jetting (often called line scrubbing) service that can clear out the toughest of clogs and get your pipes flowing again. We handle both drain and sewer hydro jetting and have different types of equipment to handle each job. If the pipes in your house need drain cleaning from the sink to the sewer lines, we may use smaller hydro-jetting equipment for that type of situation. If we are cleaning the sewer lines, we use our largest piece of equipment that can clean larger size pipes and up to 500 feet in length.

Plumbing Snake Vs. Hydro Jetting

A plumbing snake is suitable for smaller to moderate size clogs, but hydro jetting can clear just about any size job and debris. Plus, hydro jetting can descale the buildup on the lining of your pipes.
A plumbing snake uses an auger (often called a plumbing auger) which resembles a steel coiled-cable that is long and has a corkscrew shape to it. The auger is feed through either a toilet, tub, sink, or the clean-out line until it reaches the clog.  Once the auger reaches the clog it uses will break up and push the blockage to get the line moving again.

Hydro jetting uses high-powered water pressure (up to 4,000 PSI) to remove the toughest of debris that lines the walls of the pipe and clog the line. One of the most common causes of blockage is tree roots.  Hydro jetting breaks up and chews through the roots much better than an auger can, and it is environmentally safe.

Residential and Commercial Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is performed on both residential and commercial sewer lines.  Often residential customers that have older pipes that have buildup on the inside lining will need this service. The high powered water pressure cleans off the buildup and helps return the diameter to its original width.

When a commercial business needs drain cleaning, it’s almost always a job for hydro jetting.  Whether you need pipe cleaning for a restaurant because of grease and debris or the parking lot drains are getting clogged from leaves and dirt our commercial hydro jetting service can handle the job. We work with all types of business customers but the most common industries are restaurants and laundry mats, We can even set our commercial clients up on an annual contract, so they receive regularly scheduled drain cleaning services.

Signs You May Need High-Pressure Jetting

There are a few signs that you may need hydro jetting because snaking the line may not do enough of the job.  If you have slow drainage or the clean-out is overflowing that could be a sign of either a blockage or the pipes are starting to buildup grease, muck, and debris. Other times you may notice bad smells coming from your drains or multiple drains backing up. All these issues point to a more significant culprit and usually snaking the drain is a temporary solution.


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It is difficult to give a cost for hydro jetting without knowing your situation. Pricing will depend on what lines need to be jetted, the size and length of the pipes, and what specific hydro-jetting equipment are appropriate for the job. We utilize three different types of depending on the size of the situation. To find out more information on price, please call us at (909) 883-8827.
Hydro jetting is the process that professional plumbing companies use to clean drain and sewer pipes. The process involves using a sizeable hydro-jetting machine that is towed behind one of our vehicles. The equipment will then use up to 4,000 PSI to cut through roots and scale the pipe walls to remove debris.
Hydro jetting will remove all pipe obstructions including roots, grease, dirt, hair, mineral build-up, and other debris in your lines virtually. The high-pressure water cleans the pipes by removing these obstructions and opening the pipes back up.
Yes, hydro jetting is a safe and environmentally friendly way to clean your pipes. In many cases, the plumbers have already performed a video camera inspection, so they know if there are any other issues your pipes may have.
Yes, hydro jetting is a powerful way to cut through roots and break them up. Once our equipment goes to work, it will clear the way and push the roots through to the main city sewer line.
This will depend on if there is a clean-out or not, the size of the sewer line, and how many feet we need to clean out. If you would like to get a more accurate quote, please give us a call and tell us about your situation.
Sewer lines over time buildup, which is caused by the minerals and debris that have flown down them for years. Another major problem is tree roots as they can grow right through sewer pipes and cause major blockages.
It depends if this is for residential or commercial, but a good rule of thumb is every 18-22 months. Commercial clients, especially those in the restaurant business, will need them serviced more frequently.