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Common AC Problems

Faulty Thermostat – Your thermostat is the control unit for your AC. If it is dirty, damaged, or just plain old, it may not function properly, which can cause cooling issues. We can determine the problem with your thermostat and repair it or replace it with a newer, programmable model.

Frozen Coils – Coils can freeze for many reasons. When they do, they can’t cool the air properly, resulting in warm air being circulated into your home. Frozen coils can cause leaks and a whole slew of other serious problems.

Refrigerant Leaks – Refrigerant is the liquid in your air conditioner that absorbs warm air so that it can be cooled. Leaks result in low refrigerant levels, which can then lead to freezing coils and an air conditioner that won’t cool. Dealing with leaks on your own can be dangerous. A professional Riverside air conditioning company is necessary.

Faulty Circuit Breaker – Your AC is connected to your circuit breaker. The circuit breaker helps to prevent electrical issues with your electronic equipment. This includes your air conditioner. A faulty circuit can put your home, and your AC, at risk of severe issues, including electrical fires.

Damaged Fan Blades – When fan blades are damaged, air cannot be moved properly. In the condenser unit, warm air cannot correctly be dispersed outside. Inside of the home, damaged blades can’t push cold air to where it needs to go.

Broken Fan Motors and Capacitors – The fan motor is what makes the fan in your condenser unit spin. If the motor is going bad, your fan might not operate correctly. If the motor is broken, it won’t spin at all. Sometimes, it’s not the motor but the capacitor instead. The capacitor is what makes the fan motor work. When it’s broken, the fan won’t work.

Neglected Annual Maintenance – Annual maintenance is highly recommended for your AC. Without it, small issues can go unnoticed, leaving you without cool air right when you need it most.

Common Issues with Your Furnace

Dirty Filters – Air filters take out dirt, allergens, and all kinds of other particles from the air as it’s taken into your furnace to be warmed. Filters need to be periodically replaced. Neglecting to do so can force your furnace to work harder, which can cause it to wear out and break down.

Furnace that Doesn’t Heat – In the middle of winter, the last thing you want is a heater that doesn’t heat. There are numerous causes including thermostat issues, a dirty filter, or problems with the electric ignition or gas pilot light.

Noise – Your furnace shouldn’t make a lot of noise. If you hear rattling, clanging, or squeaking, you may be faced with a mechanical problem, restricted airflow, or clogs.

Always Running Blower – A blower that runs continuously can happen because the thermostat is set to ON instead of AUTO. If your thermostat is set correctly, you may be dealing with a shorted wire or issues with the limit switch, which should be addressed by a professional.

Electric Ignition or Pilot Light Problems – If there’s an issue with your ignition or your pilot light, your furnace won’t be able to heat your home properly, or at all.

Your furnace and air conditioner are two very crucial appliances in your home that make the air, and the environment, feel cozy and comfortable. If you are experiencing an issue with your Riverside heater or AC, give us a call today!

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