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We have been serving Norco and the surrounding areas since 1983 and are family-owned and operated. The readers of the San Bernardino Sun voted us the Inland Empire’s “Favorite Plumbing Company” for multiple years now. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintain an A+ rating.

Our strong focus on customer service is what makes the difference and sets us apart from the competition. We offer free quotes on all plumbing services, and if you approve of the quote, we can usually complete the repair on the same visit.  

Common Plumbing Problems

Broken Water Heater – If you step into a shower expecting hot water and are greeted by a blast of cold, it can be quite a shock. You depend on your water heater for warm water. If it breaks, all of your hot water disappears. We can repair or replace your water heater to give you back your warm water.

Broken Garbage Disposal – Accidentally dropping something down the sink drain or throwing something down the disposal that isn’t meant to go down there can cause serious issues that can lead to significant plumbing problems.

Pipe Leaks – A leaky pipe can cause several issues. Even little leaks can lead to significant problems. These issues include decreased water pressure and increased water bills. You may also start to notice signs of water damage in your home.

Slab Leaks – A slab leak is one that occurs in the pipes under your foundation. These types of leaks, particularly leaks in pipes that leave your home, can go undetected for quite a while. Signs include decreased water pressure, warm spots on your floor, hearing running water even though there are no faucets on, and damage to your floors.

Low or High Water Pressure – If you notice a drop in your water pressure, it could indicate a leak. Other causes include hard water buildup in the pipes, issues with the water valve, and a failing pressure regulator. One of our professionally trained Norco plumbers can test the pressure and recommend the proper repair.

Dripping Faucet – You might not notice the dripping sound of your faucet. It’s something that you’ve gotten used to. Still, it can waste a lot of water. This is a reasonably easy fix, but if you are uncomfortable doing it on your own, we are more than happy to help.

Slow Drains – Sinks or other fixtures that drain slowly can point toward the beginnings of a clog. Things such as hair, grease, and other debris can get stuck, making it harder for water to flow freely.

Clogged Drains – The same issues that cause slow drains can eventually lead to the drain becoming completely clogged. If you can, you may be able to eliminate the clog by yourself. If not, we can help. We will make sure the drain is completely cleared, helping to prevent it from coming back.

Continually Running Toilets – A toilet that won’t stop running can waste a lot of water. You’re paying for all of that water, and you’re not even using it. Common causes include issues with the chain, an old handle, and a worn flapper.

Clogged Toilets – Clogs in your toilet can send home into a panic, especially if you only have one toilet in your whole house. In most cases, clogs can be easily eliminated with the use of a plunger and some elbow grease. If a plunger doesn’t work, other home remedies can help. Many of these remedies do require some time. If you don’t have the time to wait, or if you can’t get rid of it by yourself, we can help.

Sewer System Backup – If your sewer line is clogged, no water can get to the sewer. Instead, it can eventually make its way back up the pipes and into your fixtures. You may begin to notice a sewer smell before you see the water. Sewer backups should be dealt with quickly to eliminate the clog and protect your family from hazardous wastewater.

Norco Water Leak Detection Services

Some leaks are noticeable instantly, such as a leak in a pipe under your kitchen sink. Other leaks, however, are not so readily apparent. You might not even know that there’s an issue until you see your water bill increase or start to notice signs of water damage in your home. If you can’t find the problem, though, you can’t fix it. This is where we come in. We use the latest technology for detecting water leaks and slab leaks in your home. We don’t just find about where they are; we can find their exact location. This allows us to get the leak fixed quickly, minimizing the damage your home, and your wallet might experience.

New Plumbing Installation Services in Norco

When it comes to installing new plumbing in your Norco home, you want to make sure that the job is done right and that it’s done well. Otherwise, you could be left with some serious plumbing issues, even though everything is new. We are here for all of your plumbing installation needs, from swapping out old pipes to installing new fixtures, to replacing old water heaters. We have many years of experience performing all kinds of installation jobs and can make sure that your plumbing is installed correctly so that it works as it should.

Whether you have an issue with your plumbing, your water heater is broken down, or you need new plumbing installed, we are here to meet all of your needs. Our highly experienced plumbers can get the job done quickly and do it right. Call us today, your Norco, California plumbing experts today at (909) 883-8827.

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