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We service the Inland Empire, including all of Norco, California. If you are experiencing any issues with your HVAC system, reach out to us at (909) 883-8827 so we can promptly dispatch a certified technician.

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We have been in business for more than 36-years and are family-owned and operated. We are regularly voted as the Inland Empire’s “Favorite Heating & Air Conditioning Company” by the readers of several major newspapers. Additionally, we maintain high customer service standards, which has lead us to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Blowing Hot Air – The last thing you want from your AC is warm air when it should be blowing cold. An AC blowing warm air might have frozen coils. A fan may be damaged. Sometimes, it could merely be that the furnace is set to the wrong settings.

Damaged Fan Blades – Fan blades can get damaged if they hit tree branches or other debris in the outdoor unit. The blades can crack, bend, or break completely. To prevent this issue, keep debris away from the outdoor unit.

Broken Fan Motor – If your fan motor isn’t working right, the fan won’t spin properly. It might not come on, or it might not shut off. The blades might be spinning more slowly than usual. The fan motor may wear out over time. It could also just be dirty. A fan motor that won’t work at all could also be caused by a bad capacitor, which is supposed to send voltage to the fan motor.

Refrigerant Leak – A refrigerant leak lets the refrigerant out of your AC. The AC needs refrigerant to absorb warm air so that it can be cooled. If your AC can’t gather warm air, it won’t have any air to cool. Instead, the AC will blow warm, and you will need a Norco AC repair technician to fix the issue.

Coils are Frozen – Low refrigerant, commonly caused by refrigerant leaks, can lead to frozen coils. Impeded air flow, dirty coils, and other issues can also lead to frozen coils. If your coils freeze, it’s essential to turn off your AC and call right away.

Leaking Water – Some water isn’t unusual. A little water is generally caused by condensation. More significant water can point to an issue such as a broken or rusted drain pain or pipe. These issues are typically a result of age, and our Norco air conditioning repair technician can quickly remedy.

Faulty Circuit Breaker – A faulty circuit breaker can be dangerous. Not only can it damage your AC, but you could also wind up with an electrical fire. If you notice your circuit breaker tripping a lot, you may be dealing with a faulty circuit breaker.

Broken Thermostat – If your thermostat is dirty, there’s an issue with the wiring, or you have an old thermostat, it won’t be able to control your AC correctly. While many problems with a thermostat can be repaired, sometimes it’s easier to replace it.

Regularly Maintenance – Your AC should be inspected every year, ideally before it’s needed most. Neglecting annual maintenance could mean that little issues that could have been easily repaired are ignored as well. Annual maintenance is essential for helping you to avoid problems with your AC when you need it most.

Common Furnace Problems

Blowing Cold Air – If you’re getting cool air when you want warm, the first thing you should do is look at the settings on your thermostat. If there’s nothing wrong with your thermostat, check the air filter. It would help if you also looked at the heater itself. Gas heaters have a pilot light. If this light is out, your furnace can’t produce heat. For those with an electric thermostat, an issue with the ignition can prevent the heater from heating the air.

Uneven Heating – Uneven heating leaves some rooms colder than the rest. This could be due to a dirty air filter. Another issue that can cause uneven heating is a leak in the ductwork somewhere. One of our Norco heating technicians can quickly diagnose and repair the problem.

Blower Continuously Running – Your fan shouldn’t constantly be running. One of the most common reasons for this is because the thermostat is set to ON instead of AUTO. There could also be an issue with the thermostat wiring.

Continuously Cycling – Frequent cycling could wear out your furnace a lot quicker, meaning you’ll have to replace it a lot sooner than you might have thought. If your furnace is turning on and off a lot more often than it should, it’s essential to schedule an appointment with one of our Norco HVAC specialists.

Heater Noises – Any unusual noise should be taken seriously. Rattling and banging might be caused by a loose part, but it could also indicate that the heat exchanger is broken. A broken heat exchanger is a serious and dangerous issue that needs to be addressed right away.

Air Filter is Dirty – A dirty air filter means that your furnace has to work a lot harder to draw in air. Ideally, the filter should be changed every three months at the very least.

You rely on your furnace and air conditioner to keep your home, and your family, comfortable. If you notice any signs of an issue, call us your Norco heating and air conditioning experts today at (909) 883-8827.

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