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Common Air Conditioner Problems

Bad Thermostat – If there’s something wrong with your thermostat, it won’t be able to control your AC correctly, or at all. Make sure the settings on your thermostat are correct. If they are, you may need to open the faceplate to see if it’s dirty or there’s an issue with the wiring. If it’s old, it may just be time to replace it.


Low Refrigerant -Without enough refrigerant, your AC can’t absorb warm air. This can result in issues such as frozen coils, which can then lead to other significant problems. One of the most common reasons why the refrigerant gets low is because there is a leak. Do not attempt to manage a refrigerant leak on your own.

Frozen Coils – Coils may freeze because of low refrigerant. They can also freeze because of improper air flow or issues with the fan. Frozen coils can result in compression failure. If you see frost on the coils, turn the unit off right away.

Blowing Warm Air – Your AC should blow cold air. If it’s not, there are a few things you can do. Check the thermostat settings. Other issues that can lead to warm air include frozen coils, compressor failure, or a problem with a fuse. We can send out a Moreno Valley AC repair technician to quickly diagnose and repair the issues.

Bad Fan Motor – If your fan motor is going bad, your fan won’t be able to work correctly. It may not turn on, may not shut off, or may move too slowly. It may also be the capacitor, which runs the fan, so be sure that both are checked.

Broken Fan Blades – There’s a fan in the outside unit of your AC. Sometimes, branches or other debris can get inside. If the fan blades hit the debris, they can get bent, cracked, or broken.

Circuit Breaker Problems – If the circuit breaker for your AC is continually tripping, there may be an issue with it. Faulty circuit breakers should be addressed as soon as possible to avoid damaging your AC or starting an electrical fire.

Neglecting Annual Maintenance – Annual maintenance is essential for making sure your AC is in tip-top shape. Without it, minor issues might go unnoticed. These issues can quickly become more significant and can cause major cooling problems when you need your AC most.

Common Furnace Issues

Blocked Registers – The registers are where your warm air comes in. If the registers are dirty, the warm air won’t be able to enter the rooms of your house correctly. You may also have this issue if the registers are blocked by a sofa, chair, or bookshelf.

Dirty Air Filter – The air filter helps to keep dirt, dust, and other debris out of the air your furnace heats. If the filter is dirty, the furnace will have to work harder to draw air in. This can wear out your unit faster.

Heater Blowing Cold Air – Your heater is supposed to produce hot air. First, check your thermostat settings. If the settings are correct, look at the air filter. If you have a gas furnace, an unlit pilot light can prevent your furnace from heating air. An issue with the electrical ignition in an electric furnace can also cause this problem.

Blower Keeps Running – The blower should turn off when your furnace isn’t running. If it keeps running, look at your thermostat, and check the settings. If there is still a problem, a Moreno Valley heating technician can find the problem and make the repairs.

Furnace Continuously Cycles – Frequent cycling isn’t good for your furnace. For one, it can wear out the unit faster. The issue should be checked as soon as possible to determine the cause.

Noises from the Heater – While some noise when the furnace turns on is normal, sounds like banging, rattling, and clanging can indicate a problem with the unit. There may be an issue with air flow, such as a dirty filter, or there might be a mechanical issue.

If you are experiencing any issues with the furnace or air conditioning in your Moreno Valley, California home, it’s essential to get them addressed as quickly as possible to keep your home (and your family) comfortable. Give us your Moreno Valley heating and air conditioning experts a call today at (909) 883-8827!

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