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Common Problems with the Air Conditioner

Blowing Hot Air – When your air conditioner comes on, you expect cold air. If you’re getting warm air, there’s a problem. Sometimes, the issue can be quickly resolved by checking your thermostat. Make sure it’s set to AUTO and COOL. If the thermostat is set correctly, it may be another issue such as a refrigerant leak, frozen coils, a broken compressor, or a problem with the fuse.

Leaking Refrigerant – Refrigerant is a liquid that’s in your AC unit. It functions to absorb the warm air in your home so that it can be cooled. If you have a refrigerant leak, there won’t be enough refrigerant in your AC. This means it can’t correctly absorb warm air. When this happens, the coils can freeze.

Frozen Coils – Frozen coils are often the result of low refrigerant or a refrigerant leak. When the coils are frozen, your AC can’t cool the air properly, and you may notice that your unit is blowing warm air. If your coils are frozen, it’s important to shut your AC off as soon as possible as frozen coils can cause serious problems.


Dirty Registers – The registers are where the air comes through to cool your home. If they’re dirty, the air may not be able to get through. Furniture blocking registers can also prevent the air from coming through properly.

Damaged Fan Blades – If branches or other debris get into the outside unit, the fan blades could become damaged. Damaged blades cannot push air correctly, and you will need a Mentone AC repair technician to fix the problem.

Broken Fan Motor or Capacitor – A failing fan motor means the fan can’t function properly. It might not shut off, or it might not turn on. It might move too slowly. In some cases, it may not be the motor, but the capacitor, which is what allows the motor to work.

Bad Smell – An electrical scent is coming from your outdoor unit could indicate that parts are overheating. There may be loose connections. The airflow may be restricted.

Faulty Circuit Breaker – Everything electric is connected to your circuit breaker. Breakers sometimes trip to prevent a power surge that can damage your electronic equipment. If the breaker trips frequently, however, this can point to an issue. If you have a faulty circuit breaker, the item needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Thermostat Issues – The thermostat controls your AC. If it doesn’t work correctly, then your AC won’t, either. Issues such as a dirty thermostat or shorted wire can cause issues. If you have an older thermostat, you may want to consider upgrading to a programmable model.

Forgetting Annual Maintenance – Without annual maintenance, a small issue with your AC might go unnoticed. When these issues go unnoticed, they can develop into bigger problems that cause more significant damage that requires more expensive repairs.

Common Problems with the Heater

Blower Won’t Shut Off – The blower should only run when the furnace is on. If your furnace is off and the blower is still running, check your thermostat settings. This can happen if the fan is set to ON. Make sure to switch it to AUTO. If the settings are correct, it’s time to call.

No Warm Air – If you’re not getting the hot air you expect, check your thermostat settings. A dirty air filter can prevent the heater from working correctly. Unlit pilot light or issues with the electric ignition can also prevent your furnace from blowing warm air.

Cold Rooms – If certain parts of your home aren’t getting warm, you may have a dirty air filter. The issue could also be with your ductwork, and a Mentone heating expert can help you diagnose the problem.

Broken Thermostat – If you can’t control your furnace, the issue is most likely with your thermostat. Check to make sure that it’s set correctly. If it is, open up the faceplate and examine the wiring. If you can’t see anything visually wrong, it may be time for a new thermostat.

Frequent Cycling – The furnace should cycle on and off periodically to heat your home. If it’s frequently cycling, however, there’s most likely an issue.

Strange Noises – No thermostat should bang, clang, rattle, or make any other loud noises. Strange noises can indicate an issue with airflow or point toward a mechanical problem.

Dirty Air Filter – Air filters should generally be replaced every three months. You may need to replace yours more frequently if you have pets. If the filter gets too dirty, it can restrict airflow, which can cause significant problems for your furnace.

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