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Repairing Plumbing Issues in Your Loma Linda Home

Dripping Faucets – You may have gotten used to a drip in your kitchen or bathroom sink. You might consider it a quirk of your home. This quirk, however, can be costing you big time when it comes to your water bill. We can fix dripping faucets, eliminating the noise, and reducing what you pay for water every month.

Leaky Pipes – Leaks can develop in pipes because something has come loose. The pipe may be old, which could result in the development of a crack. While it’s not common to get below freezing in Loma Linda, freezing temperatures followed by a thaw can cause pipes to burst. Leaks can cause significant and expensive damage.


Slow or Backed Up Drains – Slow drains can indicate that something is building up in the drain pipe. Buildup prevents water from draining as it should. While it might not seem like a significant problem, a clog can eventually develop.

Clogged Drains – A complete clog stops water from being able to drain away at all. Instead, the water collects in your sink, shower, or tub. Some clogs can be dealt with on your own, but avoid using drain cleaners. If you cannot get rid of the clog on your own, it’s time to call a professional.

Jammed or Broken Garbage Disposal – Your garbage disposal makes cleaning up after a meal much easier. Running it without water, trying to dispose of certain types of food waste, or dropping a fork or spoon down the drain while the disposal is running can cause it to get jammed. Sometimes, the disposal might burn out or break completely.

Clogged Toilets – A clogged toilet is a home’s worst nightmare. In many cases, a clog can be cleared with a plunger or toilet snake. If you cannot remove the clog, or your toilet continues to get clogged no matter how often you plunge it, professional service is needed.

Running Toilet – When your toilet runs continuously, it means that your water is continually running. This leads to a spike in your water bill. Most issues that cause a toilet to run are simple and don’t cost much. They should be addressed quickly though to avoid paying for water you’re not using.

Backed up Sewer System – When there’s a clog in your sewer line, no water can leave your house. This leads to wastewater backing up into your pipes and into your sinks, tubs, and toilets. In addition to causing chaos in your home, exposure to sewage can be harmful to the health of your family.

Broken Water Line – Water lines bring water into your home. A tree root, hitting the line with a shovel, or an earthquake can break the water line. Not only does this cause your yard to become wet, but it can also result in weak water pressure, dirty water, and higher than normal water bills.

Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure can indicate a dirty shower head or a clog in the pipes that bring water to the faucet. It can also mean a leak in a pipe or other issue that should not be ignored. Our plumbers can test your water pressure and have you Loma Linda, California home back to normal in no time at all.

No Hot Water – Not having hot water can make everyone in your home miserable. When you don’t have hot water, it generally means that there’s a problem with your water heater. Several issues can impact your water heater. Some are small and easily fixed while others can be quite large. Many problems can be repaired. If your water heater is just plain old, however, it can just be time to replace it.

Loma Linda Leak Detection Services

Some leaks are obvious. For instance, you might notice water leaking from a pipe under your kitchen sink. Other leaks, however, can be a bit more challenging to detect like a slab leak under the foundation of your home. When you can’t find the leak, you’re faced with more than just a higher water bill. You may also be faced with expensive water damage, mold, and unwanted pests. We are able to find the exact location of a leak in your home. Once we find the location of the leak, we can fix it for you.

New Plumbing Installation Services in Loma Linda

If you have old plumbing, you may want to replace it to upgrade your home to increase its value. Perhaps you’re adding a new addition to your home and need to run water. We offer a variety of new plumbing installation services. We can run water lines to new construction, install plumbing for a new kitchen or bathroom, replace old, outdated plumbing, or install a new water heater. Whatever your plumbing installation needs, we are here for you.

Dealing with plumbing issues is anything but fun. No matter what your plumbing needs are, call us your Loma Linda plumbing experts today!

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