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When you give us a call, our plumbers will come out and provide a free price quote. Should you approve of the repair, we can usually repair or replace your problem on the same visit. If you need an emergency plumber in Grand Terrace, have no worries, we are available 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

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Our customers love us, and we have been voted the “Favorite Plumbing Company” for the Inland Empire by the readers of the San Bernardino Sun. We earned this accolade by providing outstanding customer service over the 36-years we have been in business. Our focus on service has helped us maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Common Plumbing Issues

Broken Water Heater – When your water heater breaks down, it can stop a household in its tracks. No hot showers and no hot water for washing clothes and dishes. Our experienced plumbers in Grand Terrace can quickly repair or install a new water heater and have you back to normal fast.

Broken Garbage Disposal – One of the most common problems we see are broken or jammed garbage disposals. This happens when someone puts something down the sink that should be, or your disposal is just old and needs replacing.


Leaky Pipes – When you have a pipe leak, it can cause a lot of damage and run up your water bill. Pipes don’t last forever, and eventually, around the fittings, they can spring a leak.

Dripping Faucet – Dripping faucet can happen for several reasons, and one of our professional plumbers can determine the cause of the drip. Sometimes it’s an easy fix while other times you may have to replace the faucet altogether.

Main Water Line – There is one main water line that comes from the city water supply and feeds into your home. As time goes on the chances of root damage to your pipes or the connections wearing out increase. Our Grand Terrace plumbers can quickly repair the pipes and even offer a trenchless pipe repair if you desire.

Clogged Drains – Drains can get clogged for several reasons the most common is someone putting too large of an object down the drain. When this happens, a plumber needs to come out and snake your drains to clear the debris out.

Running Toilets – Having a toilet that continuously runs is another big waste of money. When this happens, the flapper is usually the number one culprit, but there could be other issues. Don’t wait for weeks or months call a plumber to fix this problem right away. Waiting to fix the problem could add hundreds of dollars to your water bill.

Low Water Pressure – When you start to experience low water pressure, it’s generally a sign that you have a broken pipe or a major leak somewhere. This isn’t something you should ignore.

Grand Terrace Leak Detection Services

Some leaks are easy to find, but most are not especially when it’s a slab leak under the foundation of your house. We use advanced leak detection software to locate the specific location of the leak. Proper leak detection allows us to be more precise when making the repairs and can save you money as there are fewer walls to open up. If you suspect you have a leaky pipe but aren’t sure where it is coming from giving us a call. Our leak detection experts will find the source, and then our plumbers can quickly repair the problem.

Installation of New Fixtures in Grand Terrace

Many of our customers that contact us don’t have a plumbing problem. They either bought a new fixture like a faucet, sink, toilet, or bathtub but need us to install it the correct way. We even work with contractors and homeowners that are remodeling their homes. No matter what new plumbing product you want to be installed, we can handle it.

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