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Slow Draining Sinks – Things can get stuck in your drains. It might be hair, soap scum, or other debris. When this happens, it can trap more debris. Eventually, the buildup prevents proper water flow, resulting in slow draining. Suddenly water pools in your sink and takes a while to empty. It might not seem like much of an issue (after all, the sink still drains), but if you don’t do something about it when you notice it, the drain can continue to clog and eventually be blocked entirely.


Dripping Faucets – Dripping faucets are a common issue. It’s one that is generally considered a quirk of the sink, just something that happens. This quirk, however, can cost you a lot of money. Fixing the issue stops the irritating drip of water and helps to lower your water bills.

Jammed Garbage Disposals – Running your garbage disposal without water can burn up the motor. Certain scraps, such as potato peels, other starchy foods, banana peels, and eggshells, can ruin your garbage disposal as well. Accidentally dropping a utensil down the drain while the disposal is running can jam it. We can repair or replace your garbage disposal.

Clogged Drains – A completely clogged drain means that your sink, shower, or bathtub can’t drain at all. Instead of going down the drain, the water sits stagnant, which puts the affected appliance out of commission. You may be able to clear the clog on your own, but it needs to be removed entirely or else it may come back.

Leaking Pipes – While you may be able to detect some leaks, many pipes are hidden. If there is a leak in a hidden pipe, it can be challenging to pinpoint precisely where it’s coming from. You may not even know that you leak until you start to notice water damage. Fixing a leaking pipe is essential for improving your water pressure, reducing your water bill, and preventing severe damage to your home.

Broken Water Lines – When a water line is leading into your home breaks, it affects your water pressure, your water bill, and your water quality. Your yard may also become very wet.

Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure can point to a more significant problem. Sometimes it’s sediment buildup. Sometimes it’s caused by a leaking pipe or broken water line. If your water pressure is lower than usual, it’s important to get the issue diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible.

Clogged Toilets – A clogged toilet can often be fixed with a plunger. An auger, or snake, can work as well. There are several home remedies for helping to unclog a toilet. If you cannot unclog your toilet on your own (perhaps there’s a toy stuck in the drain), or your toilet clogs up frequently, you should call your Fontana plumbers.

Running Toilets – When your toilet is continuously running that means your water is always running. This means that you’re wasting water, and spending money on water you’re not using. In many cases, the fix is simple and will help to save you a lot of money.

Sewer System Backup – A sewer system backup is one of your home’s worst nightmares. A clog in the main sewer line prevents any water from going down your drains and toilets from leaving your house. Eventually, it backs up into the drains, creating a smelly mess that can also be hazardous to your family’s health.

No Hot Water – It’s no fun jumping into the shower expecting hot water and getting blasted with cold instead. When you don’t have hot water, it’s generally indicative of an issue with your water heater. We can determine the problem with your water heater and repair it. If the water heater can’t be repaired, or it is very old, we can replace it for you.

Fontana Water Leak Detection Services

Fontana Water Leak Detection Services

While you might be able to find some leaks in your home, most leaks are almost impossible to pinpoint. This is because most of your pipes are hidden the foundation of your home and are called slab leaks. You might start to notice signs of a leak, even find water damage, but you can’t see where the water is coming from. We use state-of-the-art water leak detection software. Using this software, we can find exactly where your leak is and fix it before it becomes a bigger problem.

Installing New Plumbing in Fontana

Do you need your plumbing updated? Maybe you need new plumbing installed for a new bathroom you’re adding onto your home, or perhaps you’re finally putting in that new garden tub. Perhaps you need a new water heater installed. No matter what your new plumbing needs, we can install for you, making sure that it’s done correctly and functions properly.

When faced with a plumbing issue, calling inexperienced plumbers will help to ensure that the problem is fixed correctly. Call us at (909) 883-8827 your Fontana plumbers to schedule your appointment today.

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