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When you start experiencing problems with your HVAC system, it can get frustrating. You want it to be fixed correctly fast and the first time around. Give us a call, and we can dispatch one of our certified technicians to diagnose your issue and quickly make the repairs. If you are having an emergency, we offer emergency repair services 24-hours a day, every day of the year.

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We are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau and are family-owned and operated.  The readers of the Redlands Daily Facts and San Bernardino Sun voted us the Inland Empires “Favorite Heating & Air Conditioning Company” for several years now.

Common Issues with Air Conditioners

Faulty Thermostat – Your thermostat is what controls your air conditioner. It monitors the temperature and tells the air conditioner when to turn on. If there’s an issue with it, your air conditioner won’t be able to work correctly.

Problems Circuit Breaker – Issues with the circuit breaker can lead to frequent tripping. They can also cause damage to your air conditioner or result in an electrical fire.

Low Refrigerant – A low refrigerant level can point toward a refrigerant leak. When there’s a refrigerant leak, your air conditioner can’t draw in enough air. It can also result in freezing coils, which can cause even more problems.

Frozen Coils – Coils can freeze as a result of a refrigerant leak or because the coils are dirty. When the coils are frozen, your air conditioner won’t be able to function correctly and may circulate warm air instead of cool air.

Fan Blades – Broken or damaged fan blades will still move, but they can’t properly circulate air. As a result, you might not be getting enough cool air in your home. Our Fontana AC repair technicians can diagnose the issue and make the correct repairs fast.

AC Fan Motor – When the fan motor is failing or broken, it affects the fan itself. The fan might move too slowly or not at all. It might not stop moving. In some cases, it’s not the fan motor, but the capacitor, which can prevent the motor from functioning correctly.

Air Conditioner Smells – An electrical odor can be caused by overheating components, loose connections, restricted airflow, or debris in the unit. Don’t ignore this smell. Call the professionals right away.

Leak – It’s not uncommon to see a small amount of water as a result of condensation. When there’s a lot of water, however, it can point to a more significant issue. You might have frozen coils, which cause leaks when they thaw, a clogged or cracked condensate drain, or a broken condensate pump.

Regular AC Maintenance – Scheduling annual maintenance is crucial for detecting issues with your air conditioner before they become significant. Fontana, California gets very hot in the summer, and it’s imperative you have your system checked before the season.

Common Issues with Furnaces

Air Filter – Air filters take dirt, dust, and other debris from the air, keeping it out of your furnace. Over time, the filter fills up. On average, it should be changed every three months. Forgetting to change the filter can restrict airflow, which can lead to bigger problems.

Furnace Noises – Banging, rattling, clanging, and other unusual noises are coming from your furnace can indicate a mechanical issue. It can also point toward a dirty air filter or a clogged burner.

Furnace Cycles Frequently – Frequent cycling means your furnace is running more than it should. This can put excessive wear and tear on your heater, leading to the need to replace the unit sooner. Check your thermostat settings or air filter.

Blower Runs Continuously – If your blower is running 24/7, it can significantly impact your heating or power bill. While the issue may be as simple as changing a setting on your thermostat, it can also point toward a dirty air filter.

No Heat – A furnace that isn’t producing heat is a big problem, especially when the temperatures are cold. Check your thermostat and air filter. There may also be a problem with the pilot light (for gas furnaces) or electric ignition (electric heaters).

Small issues with your furnace or air conditioner might not seem like a big deal at the time, but they can quickly become a severe problem that can lead to expensive repairs or even replacement. If you notice any issues with your HVAC system, it’s time to call us at (909) 883-8827 your Fontana heating and AC specialists today!

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