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Our technicians are certified, and we have been in business for more than 36-years. We are proud to maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are family-owned and operated. Numerous times we have been voted the “Favorite Heating & Air Conditioning Company” for the Inland Empire by readers of several local newspapers.

Common Issues with Air Conditioners

Forgetting Annual Maintenance – Annual maintenance is essential for keeping your AC is good working order. Without it, you could wind up with a significant issue during the warmest parts of the year. Maintenance ensures that little problems are fixed before they become big ones. It is best to call an Eastvale air conditioning repair technician as soon as you notice a problem.

Low Refrigerant – When you have low refrigerant, it usually happens because there’s a leak. When refrigerant is low, the coils can freeze. Do not attempt to deal with these types of leaks on your own.

Frozen Coils – Refrigerant leaks are not the only issues that can cause frozen coils. Dirty coils, poor airflow, or problems with the fan can also cause this issue. Frozen coils can lead to compression failure, so it’s essential to deal with the matter as soon as possible. Fan blades are damaged. Any debris that gets into your outside unit can damage the fan blades, preventing them from moving air correctly. Make sure that you keep the area around the outdoor unit clean to prevent damage.

Broken Fan Motor – The fan motor is one of the most common repairs done on AC units. Age can wear out the motor. Dirt and debris can also stress the motor, causing it to overheat and fail. A motor that doesn’t work at all may point to an issue with the capacitor.

Air Conditioner Not Cooling – No cold air could be the result of an issue with the evaporator coils (such as frozen coils), a fan issue, or a compressor problem. The issue should be addressed by an Eastvale AC repair technician as soon as possible to keep your home comfortable in the hot weather.

Faulty Circuit Breaker – If the breaker for your AC is tripping a lot, there may be an issue with your circuit breaker. This issue needs to be dealt with quickly to avoid damaging the AC unit or having an electrical fire on your hands.

Broken Thermostat – You need your thermostat to control your AC. If there’s something wrong with it, your AC won’t work correctly. Check the settings. Make sure the thermostat is clean. You should also check for wiring issues. If you don’t see any problems with the thermostat, but it still won’t work, it might be time for a replacement.

Common Furnace Issues

Furnace Not Heating – No heat is one of the last things you want in the winter. Look at your thermostat for proper settings. If it’s set correctly, check the air filter. If the air filter is clean, look at the pilot light or electric ignition.

Unevenly Distributed Heat – Do you have some rooms that are cooler than the rest? There could be an issue with your ductwork, such as a leak, that can be letting the warm air escape before it gets to where it needs to go.

Heater Frequent Cycling – Some cycling is expected. The heater turns on when your home needs heat and shuts off when the desired temperature is reached. If your unit is cycling on and off more frequently, your unit could wear out faster. As a result, you could be replacing your unit years sooner than you might have thought.

Strange Sounds from Furnace – Don’t ignore banging or rattling coming from your furnace. While it could be a loose part (which shouldn’t be put off), it could also be a broken heat exchanger, which can be quite dangerous. Not to worry our certified Eastvale heating repair technicians can quickly repair any issue you may have.

Dirty Air Filter – Your air filter removes dust, dirt, and other debris before the air goes into the heating system. If it’s dirty, the air has a harder time going through. This makes your furnace work harder, which stresses it. The filter should be changed at least every three months, if not more often.

Broken Fan – A fan that won’t shut off is often due to an incorrect setting on your furnace. If the setting is correct, there may be a wiring issue. Don’t let the issue go ignored. If your fan blows continuously, it will affect your power bills.

You expect your Air Conditioner or heater to work when you turn them on. You depend on these appliances in your Eastvale, California, home to help keep you comfortable when the temperatures get hot or cold. If you notice any issues with your air conditioning or heating units, don’t ignore them. Call us your Eastvale heating and air conditioning specialists to schedule an appointment today at (909) 883-8827.

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