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We are a trusted company that has served the Inland Empire for more than 36-years. The readers of several local publications have voted us “Favorite Plumbing Company” for consecutive years in a row.
We offer free price quotes on all our plumbing services. If you are experiencing a problem, we will dispatch one of our professional plumbers to your location and provide a free estimate for the work. With our free estimates, there is no obligation; however, if you do approve of the repairs, we can usually begin right away.

Common Plumbing Issues

Slow Drains – Soap scum, hair, dirt, and debris that washes down your drain can accumulate in the drain, which can then cause your sink, shower, or tub to start draining slowly. While this might not seem like such a big deal, it can lead to a more severe issue such as a clog.  

Clogged Drains – If the debris in your drain becomes too much, it can form a clog. When this happens, the water cannot drain. Instead, your sink or tub fills up with water because the water has nowhere to go.


Clogged Toilets – A clogged toilet can be a significant problem for your household, especially if your home only has one. When your toilet fills, but will not empty, it can cause a bit of panic. In many cases, a plunger can help to eliminate a clog. An auger also knows as a plumbers snake may also be able to clear it. If the clog doesn’t go away or is a chronic issue, it’s time to call in the professional Corona plumbing company.

Running Toilets – A toilet that doesn’t stop running can wreak havoc on your water bill. There are many issues that can cause this problem to occur, and most of these issues are easy and affordable to fix.

Sewer System Backup – When your sewer system gets backed up, wastewater can’t get to where it needs to go. Instead of disappearing as it should, the water that goes down your drains backs up into your sinks, tubs, and toilets. Not only is this scary, but it can also be potentially harmful to your family.

Leaky Pipes – Leaky pipes affect your water pressure, increase your water bill, and can cause a lot of damage around your home. Most of your plumbing is located behind walls; it can be difficult to pinpoint precisely where the issue is. We can find the location of the leak and fix it.

Broken Water Lines – The water lines that bring water into your home can sometimes be damaged. Tree roots, digging in the wrong spot, and shifting in the ground can all cause the line to break, resulting in increased water bills, low water pressure, poor water quality, and a soggy yard. In some cases, we may be able to reline the pipe and save the cost of costly dig.

Dripping Faucets – Dripping faucets are more than just an irritating sound. They’re a waste of water. A seemingly harmless drip can also be costing you a lot of money. Our plumbers can provide quickly repair your faucet in no time at all.

Low Water Pressure – Low water pressure is not just getting enough water when you turn on a faucet. It can indicate a much bigger issue, such as a leaky pipe, a clog, or another issue.

Jammed Garbage Disposal – Running your garbage disposal without water or accidentally dropping a utensil down the drain while the disposal is running can jam the disposal or even cause it to break. No matter what the issue we can repair or replace your garbage disposal and have your house back in working order fast.

Broken Water Heater – Your water heater is what gives you hot water. Without it, you’re stuck taking very uncomfortable, cold showers. There are many issues that can affect the water heater. Annual maintenance helps to detect problems early before they become serious. If your water heater is old, it may need to be replaced.

Corona Water Leak Detection Services

Having a leak can be a big problem, especially when you don’t know where it’s coming from or it’s a slab leak under the foundation of your home. Even if you can find the leak, you might not be able to fix it properly yourself. There are some temporary fixes, but they are no substitute for a professional solution.
If you can’t find the leak, you could be left with severe damage to your home. You may also be faced with mold, mildew, pests, and other expensive issues. Using the latest water leak detection technology, we can find the exact location of your leak and provide you with the fix you need.

New Plumbing Installation in Corona

Are you planning on adding a new bathroom or kitchen to your home? Are you in the process of building a brand-new home? If so, you are going to need plumbing installed. In addition to fixing and replacing existing plumbing, we are also able to install new plumbing. We can provide new water lines, new piping, plumbing for bathrooms and kitchens, new water heater installation, and more.

Plumbing issues can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, we are here to help for both residential and commercial problems. If you are dealing with any plumbing issue, give your Corona, California plumbing experts a call today at (909) 883-8827.

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