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Common Colton Plumbing Issues

No Hot Water – No hot water can make getting ready in the morning miserable. It also makes taking care of things around the home, such as doing laundry and washing dishes very difficult. No hot water indicates an issue with your water heater. Annual maintenance can help to prevent many problems. If you lose your hot water, we can figure out what the problem is and fix it. Depending upon the age of your water heater, we may recommend replacing it.


Low Water Pressure – Low pressure can be a sign of many different issues. Sometimes it may be sediment built up in your shower head. There may be a clog in the pipes that bring clean water. Low water pressure can also indicate a leak in a pipe or your water line.

Dripping Faucets – The steady drip of a faucet may seem like a minor issue. While there may not be a huge issue with your plumbing, the drip can be rather expensive. Fixing your dripping faucet can save you a lot of money every month.

Leaky Pipes – Leaks do more than affect your water pressure; they can also be quite expensive. Not only do you waste water, but the leak can also cause costly damage to your home’s structure, encourage mold growth, and invite pests.

Broken Water Line – There are lines underground outside of your home that brings water in. Over time, growing tree roots or shifting can cause the line to crack or break. If you don’t know where your water line is located, you may accidentally hit it with your shovel. Broken lines affect your water pressure, your water quality, and your water bill. Having the line repaired as soon as possible is essential.

Slow Drains – A sink, tub, or shower that drains gradually, often occurs because of soap buildup, hair, and other debris. As these things accumulate, they prevent water from going down as fast as it should. You might notice that water pools for a short period before finally going down. Ignoring a slow drain can lead to a bigger problem, so it is recommended to address the issue as soon as it’s noticed.

Clogged Drain – A clogged drain prevents water from going down the drain at all. You may be able to clear the clog on your own. If you do not completely clear it, however, it can come back.

Toilet Clogged – Clogged toilets happen. Sometimes, there’s too much toilet paper. If you have small children, you may have experienced having to remove a toy from the toilet to clear the obstruction. You may be able to clear the clog by yourself. If you can’t, or your toilet keeps getting clogged, we can help to figure out the issue and provide you with a solution.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running – A running toilet wastes a lot of water. It may be caused by a simple issue such as a warped flapper or a leaky fill valve. Fixing these issues are relatively affordable and will help to save you both aggravation and money.

Sewer System Backed Up – A clog in your sewer line means water can’t leave your pipes. Eventually, the water will back right back up into your home. We can find the clog and clear it, putting your home back into good working order.

Jammed Garbage Disposal – When you run the garbage disposal, you should do so with running water. There are also certain types of foods that shouldn’t be put down the disposal. Doing either of these things can burn up the motor and jam the disposal. We can repair damaged disposals or replace ones that have broken.

Colton Water Leak Detection Services

Detecting a water leak can be difficult on your own. Many of your pipes are hidden from view. You might have a general idea of where the leak is, but you need to know precisely where it is to fix the problem and prevent severe and expensive damage. We utilize the latest slab leak detection technology to find the exact location of your leak so we can provide you with the fix you need.

New Plumbing Installation Services in Colton, CA

When you need new plumbing installed, we can help. We can replace old pipes to bring your home up to code and increase its overall value. We can install new plumbing for a new bathroom or kitchen. We can replace water lines or add new water lines for a new house. We can also install new water heaters. No matter what your plumbing installation needs, we can provide you with the expert service that you need.

Plumbing issues should never be ignored, no matter how small they seem. If you notice any problems with your plumbing, call us the Colton plumbing experts to schedule an appointment today at (909) 883-8827.

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