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We can dispatch one of our certified technician’s 24-hours a day, any day of the year. If your HVAC system is experiencing a problem, call us at (909) 883-8827. We repair air conditioning and heating systems for residential and commercial buildings.

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We have been voted Inland Empire’s “Favorite Heating & Air Conditioning Company” from the readers of the San Bernardino Sun multiple times. Our family-owned and operated business have been serving the area for more than 36-years, and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Top Problems with Air Conditioners

Refrigerant Leaks – A refrigerant leak means there isn’t enough refrigerant in your AC to draw in sufficient warm air. This can prevent your unit from delivering the cold air you expect it to. Your AC’s coils may also freeze.

Frozen Coils – Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common causes of frozen coils. They can also occur as a result of weak airflow, a fan that isn’t working correctly, or cooler outdoor temperatures. Frozen coils can lead to compressor failure if not addressed quickly.

No Cold Air – If you’re getting warm air instead of cool, there’s an issue. Check your thermostat to make sure it’s set to the right temperature and the correct settings. If it’s not the thermostat, it may be an issue with the evaporator coils, compressor failure, or fuse issues.

Faulty Circuit Breaker – Your circuit breaker is supposed to protect your electronics from power surges that can cause severe damage. If the breaker is tripping a lot, there could be an issue with it. This issue should be dealt with promptly.

Broken Fan Motor – The fan motor makes the fan run. If there’s an issue with the motor, the fan won’t work correctly. It may not be able to disperse warm air or blow cold air. In this case, a Bloomington AC repair expert is needed to fix the problem.

Damaged Fan Blades – Damaged fan blades can’t move air properly. One of the most common causes of this sort of damage is because debris gets inside the outdoor unit. As the blades hit against the debris, they can bend or break.

Annual maintenance – Having yearly maintenance is highly recommended. Ignoring maintenance means that any small, otherwise unnoticeable issues will be missed. This means they can develop into more severe problems that could have otherwise been easily prevented.

Broken Thermostat – A dirty, damaged, or old thermostat may not be able to control your AC correctly. Repairing or replacing the thermostat can help to fix the issue

Top problems with heaters

No Hot Air – If you’re getting cool air instead of warm, check your thermostat first. If the thermostat is okay, check the air filter. You can also check the pilot light (for gas furnaces) or electric ignition (for electric heaters).

Uneven Heating – If some rooms don’t seem to be getting as warm as others, there might be an issue with the air filter. There could also be a problem with your ductwork. Maybe you have insufficient ductwork, or perhaps there is a leak somewhere.

Frequent Cycling – Frequent cycling means your furnace turns on and off much more frequently than it should. This can wear out your furnace more quickly, reducing the unit’s lifespan. Our Bloomington HVAC services can promptly diagnose and repair your problem.  

Blower Won’t Shut Off – If the blower is running even when the furnace isn’t, check your thermostat. It should be set to AUTO, not ON. If the settings are correct, you should call as soon as possible.

Furnace Making Strange Noises – No furnace should bang or rattle when it’s running. Check your air filter to make sure the airflow isn’t impeded. If the airflow isn’t the issue, it might be a mechanical problem.

Dirty Air Filter – A dirty air filter can prevent proper air flow, which can lead to a whole host of serious issues, including reducing the life of your furnace. The filter should be replaced at least every three months. If you have pets, or the heater is running frequently, you may need to change it more often.

While there are some issues with your heater or AC that you can fix on your own, there are many that are best fixed by a professional. If you need heating or AC repair, call us at (909) 883-8827 your Bloomington, California HVAC specialists.

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