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Why You Should Replace Your HVAC System if it Takes R-22 Refrigerant?

In many places, the import and production of R22 are considered illegal. However, its continued use is allowed, so you don’t have to worry if your HVAC system uses an R-22 refrigerant. When it comes to repairing, you need to choose between an expensive refrigerant bill and replacing the entire system. This thread will discuss why one should replace the HVAC system if it takes an R-22 Refrigerant.

What Refrigerant Is Placed In Your System?

In 2010, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had banned the production and import of Refrigerant R-22. The exception here is the continued use of the refrigerant in existing pieces of equipment. This means that new types of equipment today need more maintenance than older pieces of equipment.
There is also a ban on the manufacture and installation of the R22ac or heat system. Thanks to this, air conditioner manufacturers make the systems as per R410A, which is a chlorine-free refrigerant. Your AC is most likely using the R22 refrigerant if it was made before 2010. The equipment will have a label that shows the refrigerant type, but it is always advisable to ask the licensed AC professionals or deal with heat pumps.

Things To Know About Refrigerant

Ideally, R22 in the AC or heat pump will most likely have fluid flowing through the inside of the equipment’s coils. Some of the pressure is imposed on the equipment thanks to the compressor and evaporator of the system. It causes changes in the states, including liquid and solid, rapidly. The physical changes make the substance hot and cold. When the pressure tends to change, the heat in the atmosphere passes over coils and adjusts the air temperature.

What To Do If Your AC Uses R22?

The ban does not make it mandatory for you to replace the existing R22 refrigerant in your AC or the heating system. However, the ban date states that you have to assess the equipment and check for alternatives if the heating or cooling system fails and needs any emergency repairs.

Option 1 – Repair

This option sounds great; the supply of R22 is rapidly shrinking thanks to the price and the regulations in place. Additionally, R22 is available in cooling and heating equipment made before 2010; however, you should know that supply will decrease, and the price will increase with the ban. As supply decreases, you will pay more than a new system’s down payment.

Option 2 – Replace

If your budget permits, then you must always opt to replace the system. You should contact professionals that will help replace the system and solve the entire problem. You can also consider replacing it if you feel that it is not worth putting money into the current equipment. You can buy a new system and save a lot in the long run. While your maintenance cost may increase, you should consider replacing the entire system as a serious option.

As mentioned above, you can consider the options as per your budget and needs. You should also make sure you decide based on the condition of the system and the way it is performing. There are various options out there if you feel that R-22 is too expensive for you. Choose your options wisely and continue enjoying your HVAC system.